• Minjae Shin | 신민재

        Minjae Shin joined AnLstudio as the Partner in 2012 and currently, is a memebr of KIRA for korean licensed architect. Minjae has previously Project Team manager at Jina Architecture with considerable experience in the design and construction of high profile projects. And through diverse experience from urban planning to stamp design, his speculation and application about design & realization is expanding through AnLstudio's practice.

      • Minsoo Lee | 이민수

        Co-founder/Director of AnLstudio, Minsoo Lee is an interdisciplinary spatial designer who is interested in combining Computational design into the architectural environment having a strong persuit of  "experimenting". He is currently on the assistant professor at the Hanyang university, College of Design, running a SID Lab that developing architecture & surface design.

      • Keehyun Ahn | 안기현

        Keehyun is a co-founder of AnLstudio, and faculty at School of Architecture in Hanyang University. He helds a B.S. Arch from Hanyang University and a master degree in Architecture in University of California, Berkeley. His research is focused on exploring new realm of technology with architectural spectrum as well as establishing a conceptual basis for a behavioral approach to design.

      • Design strategy

        Design Vision - In cooperation with experience from Architecture / Urban design / Interior / Interactive space, AnLstudio’s design strategy is always aiming to create an extraordinary example of innovative design in 21st century in order to achieve the better vision of our time. The achievement of this will require unparalleled design vision, creativity, knowledge of leading edge technologies and a commitment to innovation that satisfies a desire to achieve success along with a high quality of life and experience. 

        The primary design of vision for AnLstudio requires a completely integrate approach with a strong belief that the challenges and opportunities offered by our technologies and exsiting infra structure are two sides of the same coin. AnL studio’s integrated design process enables the achievement of a range of solutions and strategies that address and resolve multiple issues simultaneously. 

        Resonant Perception - AnLstudio always seek / keep smart, intelligent, Immersive, Interactive spatial perception toward our environment. Regarding the human senses to create a responsive environment, AnLstudio try to activate the field and engages in play and performances in surroundings. Because AnLstudio belive these behavior are able to give to public new sensibility, AnL studio input the lens of environmental responsiveness and high performance to the public. And this design solution will bring to the design of the cutting edge strategies for sustainability but also a broader understanding of the notion of all of the inter-connected aspects of the future city. 

      • Design Philosophy

        Experimentation and Innovation - Experimentation is an essential element in understanding both the opportunities and responsibilities inherent in evolving design field in contemporary condition. AnLstudio is always seeking emerging technologies, cutting-edge materials, academic theories about new design paradigm for its projects as well as innovative approaches to issues concerning sustainability and the environment. 

        Cultural Trend and Future - Both the careful consideration of a client’s needs and analysis of cultural tradition, trend, social dimensions with a global perspective are the key part of the methodologies of AnLstudio. Basically, AnLstudio’s primary goal is to break the tendency of simplification of architectural language from the past and move beyond categorical approaching and the stratification of architecture system toward a more integrated and complex future. 

        Collaboration - AnLstudio was established with the notion of multidisciplinary collaboration in partnership both with its collaborating team of experts as well as the client and its organization. AnLstudio always believe that collaboration is the most important keys that produce creative solutions that supports both the process and result.