• "10 Young creators" Exhibition at Daelim Museum project space

    AnLstudio have a group exhibition "10 young creators"

    at Daelim Museum project space on 12th of December.


  • Lecture on DDang-Zip-Sa-Hyang

    AnLstudio will have the Lecture by Wide Magazine on 12th of September.

    It will be focus on the recent work, which is House Wing and Mongdang.


  • CultureStation Seoul 284 : Limit Lines & Acrobats

    AnLstudio was invited to exhibit their work in Culturestation Seoul 284 under "Limit lines and Acrobats." The exhibition will be open from 3rd of April to 15th of June in 2012.
    Related blog : http://limitline2012.blogspot.com/ 

  • 2012 Young Architects Forum Korea Conference & Party
  • No2 Young Architects Forum & Exhibition

    AnLstudio was invited to present the work in Wondoshi Architects coordinated by Wide Magazine on September and October.

    The Exhibition was Sep 6th ~ Sep 12th, and there was the Forum at th of October with aDlab, Wise Architecture, and Kim Jongjin+Kim Jayoung


  • Global Young Architects Exhibition

    AnLstduio was invited to exhibit the work in "Global Young Architect". It was taken place from Sep 23 to Oct 02 in Dongdaemun Historical Culture Park.