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Single Family house
Seoul, Korea
completion on January 2018


Juwoon Lee, Sungsik Choi
4F, B1F
Hanwool Lee


1:10 The Gyeongbu Expressway, which penetrates through Seocho-gu, is creating buffer Greenery to protect the vehicle noise generated from the urban environment. The highway and the buffered green space are inserted into the existing urban structure, and some parcels that are cut off and left are inevitably left in a heterogeneous form, which is inferred as a 1:10 ratio. As the longitudinal rectangular shape, the site has a very deep depth. It can be found in some parts of Korea, such as Myeongdong. The extreme ratio of 1:10 is the starting point to discover a new space organization.

2.5m (Minimum landing condition for building activity 2m / Minimum width of parking lot entrance: 3m)
A 2.5m wide land can be licensed for construction, but parking is not allowed. Although it was possible to have a house of less than 50m², which does not require a car park, it was impossible to use a living room if the vertical line was placed within an area of 50m² due to the extremely narrow width. At the end of the twists and turns, we were allowed to pay the expenses according to the ordinance by recognizing the exception of the parking lot installation when the “parking lot was difficult to install”, and the parking lot installation duty was exempted and the width of the building act was broadened.

Space configuration without compartments The second floor consists of a living room - a dining room - a kitchen - a multi-purpose room, and the third floor consists of a bedroom, a laundry room, a bathroom, and an i-room (duplex). The second floor is a semi-private space, which serves as a shared space for residents and an intermediary space for visitors. The third floor constituted the personal space and the living support space of family members. Looking at the green space, the panorama-like space of each floor leads to a continuous space with weak compartments.

The balance of conduct Will the window towards the buffer green space be opened to the maximum considering the prospect? Is it at least open considering the strong sunshine and the gaze from the outside? We considered the act of the occupants in the listed space to find the balance of opening and closing. The behavior of each branch and the direction of gaze accordingly became important considerations in finding the balance of the window. This meant that the cross section of the action taking place in a narrow space would be expressed in an external form.


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