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Installation/ Pavilion
Unlimited Design Asia Pacific Triennial
COMPLETED, 2010 October


Queensland Governance
4.2M high
Polycarbonate tube, Metal fabricated Box, LED light

As the festival hub for Unlimited in Brisbane, Australia, creating an intimate sensory light based installation to engage and embrace audiences . With 10m(L)X 16m(w) X 5.5m(H), ‘Lightwave’ is not just a sculpture or an art piece, but an object that can be interact with, like a large animated toy or perhaps a hybrid living creature—glowing and pulsing by the river. AnLstudio’s cultural aim is to start conversations of giving a new layer to the contemporary parks as a performative public space. They would achieve this, by offering a new and unexpected reciprocatable experiences between people and the object (displayed art), or between nature and the (artificial) object. Lightwave responds in a purposefully dynamic and playful way, engaging and inviting public participation. The object will be responsive to the new environment, therefore generating a new pattern into the place and time.
Through this experience with Lightwave, we wants to provoke the audience to think about the following questions: What surrounds you? What do those surroundings mean to you? And ultimately Provide people to memorize the memoir in the public space with surroundings. Not only does the interactive contents consciously provide the chance (or event) to express the bystander's behavior, but it provides a chance to undulated formation such as the invisibly networked vertically/horizontally/perceptively, in order to absorb the physical boundary (situation) and maneuver the public to explore the diversity of LightWave with their performance.
Credit List
Facilitated and presented by South Bank Corporation, Arts Queensland and Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific.
Supported by South Bank Corporation, having received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through art+place Queensland Public Art Fund. , AnLstudio, Laing O’Rourke, Byte Logic, Webb Australia, Opus, Certis, Heyday, Flow Force, Boral, Dig It, LandPartners

Project Management: Laing O’Rourke, Byte Logic, Curator: Creativesight, Hassell
Prototyping design(interaction) consultant : Rory Nugent, Andy Doro
Electrical Engineers and Lighting/Interactive Consultants: Webb Australia
Structural engineer: OPUS, Cost Planning: Mitchell Brandtman
Building Certification: Certis, Surveying: LandPartners
Construction and Construction Management: Laing O’Rourke
Interactive Fabrication: Watthouse, Zenith, Xenian, CTI, Imaginus
Fabrication: Flow Force, Heyday, Landscaping: Dig It, South Bank Corporation,Concrete Supply: Boral


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